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Yellow Alert: Pe’ahi Challenge to Run Next Week?

With a promising swell on the horizon for next week, event organizers for the Big Wave Tour (BWT) have put the Pe’ahi Challenge on Yellow Alert. on Yellow Alert. Surfline, the World Surf League’s official forecaster, has been monitoring a new storm system generating off the coast of Japan that could likely produce the required wave heights of 25+ feet for the Hawaiian islands.

The commissioner’s office will decide Monday morning, January 19, whether or not a Green Alert will be called. If the storms continues to behave as expected and a Green Alert is called surfers will have 72 hours to pack, prep and head to the break.

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2014 Destin Fishing Rodeo

Christmas comes in October in Destin with the Destin Fishing Rodeo! It’s a month long fishing tournament with daily weigh ins behind AJ’s Seafood in the harbor. Established in 1948, the Destin Fishing Rodeo is the ultimate fishing tournament for saltwater anglers of all ages. Check out this video for more information or head over the their website –

October is the most beautiful time to have some fun on the water! We have seen lots of baby dolphins and HUGE 30 dolphin pods all October. Our waverunner dolphin tours have been AMAZING. Look for videos coming soon or head over to Destin Parasailing. The winds are calm and perfect to soaring above the air in our state of the art parasail boat – The Skyscraper is your best choice to go Parasail in Destin. Or if you just want to kick back and do a little fishing of your own – we have you covered there too – head over to Xtreme H2o Sports

Destin Harbor Fireworks Closer Than Ever!

You can’t get closer than this! Here’s the view from one of our rented pontoon boats from Xtreme H2o Sports in Destin, Florida. To rent a pontoon in Destin head over to or call 850-978-3060


Nothing Compares to Xtreme h2o Sports Dolplhin Tours

Want a dolphin viewing experience like no other? Well we here at Xtreme h2o Sports have what your looking for! Check out how close you get to these magical creatures. We are so lucky to share our waters with these dolphins! Want to see for yourself? Give us a call today or head over to


Destin Dolphin Tour via WaveRunner

Dolphin Tour Via Waverunner

You won’t be able to get this close to these beautiful dolphins on a crowded glass bottom boat, so come book a waverunner dolphin tour in destin today with dolphin tours!


Dip of the Day 3/12/2014


Here’s a couple spring breakers having the time of their lives behind the Xtreme H2O Sports parasail boat – the SkyScraper. To Parasail in destin hit up


BTS: The SkyScraper awakens from it’s slumber..

Here’s the first in a new behind the scenes (BTS) series in our blog. Now that we are about to open we’ll have LOTS of fresh content, so check back often!



Parasail Trip with free Dolpin Tour

At Xtreme H2o Sports, we want you to have a great time on the water and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that. Even if it means slowing down for a second so you can check out a pod of dolphins. Can you spot the baby dolphin in the video? For the best Dolphin Trips head over to and for a ride on the SkyScraper – head over to or 


See Destin Like Never Before

Awesome new video from Florida FPV. If you want an even better view come parasail in Destin with us!  Check out for more!



It’s going to be a great year for Dolphin Tours!

This looks to be the best year ever for dolphin tours! Just look at all this dolphins in the pass today! Seconds from our docks! Our dolphin tours are the best in town – head on over to and or call for reservations today!